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Advance diagnostic online equipment. Medical team includes molecular medicine doctor.

Epigenetic Test

Utilise Genomic Thermograph photography to evaluate genes expression abnormally.

Turning On and Off Genes

Scientifically proven methodology to manipulate genes expression. Up regulating genes expression for optimal health in controlling most chronic illnesses.

Comprehensive Anti-Aging

Combination of therapies including stem cells, growth factors extraction and administration. Gene expression regulation and medical aesthetic.

Health Screening

IBP individualised biochemistry profiling. Cover comprehensive anti aging & general health condition.

Therapeutic Diet Program

World most advance computerised AI manage literary management.

Individual Biochemistry Profile (IBP)

A full ibp report enable anti aging specialists to compose a customized diet plan to resolve health issues to prolong life span and to maintain biological, physiological and gene integrity at optimal level.This type of anti aging diet focus on Predictive medicine-To as certain probable cause of death from poor gene expression.Preventive medicine-To recommend ways and means to overcome impending medical conditions that had been profile.Medical conditions-To assertion prevailing conditions.

Using biodata obtained to compose diet plan. Implementing a nutritional dietary protocolaim to resolve all parameters of health issues. IBP diet plan essentially employ several protocol to established nutritional biologic requirements to eliminate food that is a threat to the patient gene expression and to recommend food that helps normalized gene expressions abnormally that had been established to prevent onset of the degenerative illnesses cause by agingprocess.

A full IBP will allow the specialist to establish specific life styles changes to help overcome physiological conditions.

Base on bio data obtained, nutritional requirements in terms of:

  1. Macro nutrients ratio composite- Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fatty Acid ratio.
  2. Essential nutrients requirements such as vitamins and minerals beside EFA and EAA.
  3. Micro nutrients required: such as phyto chemical with scientific evidence and is use traditionally to solve established health conditions.
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