Catalase (Hydrogen Peroxide)

It is a very important enzyme in protecting the cell from oxidative damage by reactive oxygen species (ROS). Hydrogen peroxide is a harmful byproduct of many normal metabolic processes; to prevent damage to cells and tissues, it must be quickly converted into other, less dangerous substances. To this end, catalase is frequently used by cells to rapidly catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into less-reactive gaseous oxygen and water molecules. Free radicals are also considered to play an important role in the aging process. Catalase is constantly in battle against the effect of free radicals to the body.

Hence, catalase is almost like SOD which plays an important role in detoxification of free radicals as these radicals causes the harmful effect in cellular communication. Many people never realize that this small molecules could save a person’s life. The integrity of this enzyme is highly contributed in the entire cellular communication and lead to well-being of mankind.
Thus, catalase screening is one of the significant parameter in IBP test which you will be extremely beneficial in knowing your individual level and based on the result, we will guide on the optimization.

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