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Welcome to Aging Reversal Laboratory (ARL)

AGING REVERSAL LABORATORY (ARL) is a registered corporation company in Malaysia, which work in focusing on the research of life sciences and biotechnology, possessed 206 patents of USPO, and has close relationships with research organizations such as University of Cambridge of Britain, University of California of USA and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and has made significant achievements in the life science field specifically takes place in the front ranks of the world science on the application fields such as genetics, aesthetics, medical science and etc

Based on “Prevention” knowledge, along with the trend of gene accurate medical science which relied on the most advanced gene-detection technique, cell construction detection, hormone detection, antioxidant detection, digestive enzyme detection, energy conversion rate detection, and coenzyme detection internationally.

ARL provides optimum diet program for personal interest, established all-around to prevent disease and diagnose on the data, the combination of unique gene switch on/off technique globally and precise diet method in order to provide the prevention of personal and systematic disease.

With the accomplishment of Human Genome Project internationally, a great amount of genome information related to human disease has been recorded successfully which provides the foundation for the early gene diagnosis and therapy on cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, metabolism diseases, hence making great contributions.

ARL organization is dedicated to benefit health of human-beings with scientific and precise diet therapy, begins to establish all-around to implement prevention against health management system at the seed stage (genetic/gene phase) before the disease starts to bud, helping human beings get away from critical chronic disease and fighting to constantly promote a quality life for human beings.


To increase the health awareness among public on the consequences of drug usage and its unwanted effects in long term. To expand our scientific approach which is highly precise and beneficial to the patients at the International level.


  1. To achieve the improved health outcomes, greater satisfaction through the patients application of IBP test which encompasses of gene expression level, cell structure, hormone, digestive enzymes, anti-oxidant enzyme, Co-enzymes and mitochondrial activity to measure the level of ATP.
  2. To use regenerative medicine and other advanced innovative medical technology, personalized healthcare and wellness purpose from the root cause at the cellular level.
  3. To enable every individual/patient to receive customized solution with precise diet plan based on the outcomes of IBP test and able to provide an accurate solution based on disease prediction.
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